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Thank you for visiting the website of the Queens Civic Congress, an organization devoted to the betterment of Queens by listening to the people of Queens and taking action. Formed in 1997 through the merger of the United Civic Council of Queens and the Eastern Queens Civic Council, the Queens Civic Congress represents more than 100 civic and other community organizations throughout the borough of Queens.

The Queens Civic Congress developed and maintains this website as a resource for those who care deeply about our communities, our borough and our city.

QCC Responds to First Draft NYC Districting Commission District Boundaries

QCC received several complaints from member civics that the Commission’s first draft boundary map did not take the opportunity to fix some towns that were separated in the 2003 redistricting. On the contrary, the Commission has proposed additional changes that in some cases further divided traditional, contextual and geographical communities. QCC has submitted a comprehensive proposal that addresses these guiding principles: meet charter population requirements; keep traditional towns and “areas of common interest” together; utilize natural boundaries or straight lines wherever possible; and, consider demographic distribution in the districts. Following are links to QCC’s Report and supporting maps and charts.

QCC Council Redistricting Press Release

District Maps

Queenswide Redistricting Report

QCC Redistricting Report - Proposed District Changes - Districting Commission and QCC Comparison

Council Districts - District Populations and Demographics

Council Districts - Total Population and Deviations

Testimony from member civics and other interested parties
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